High speed engine oils

ExxonMobil marine high speed engine lubricants are high performance diesel engine oils that help extend engine life and protect components at high temperatures.
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Mobilgard HSD 20W-50 CI-4 by ExxonMobil is an extra high performance, multi-grade engine oil specifically formulated to severe service high-speed diesel engines in marine applications. Its advanced ...
Mobilgard™ DEO Series heavy-duty oils are formulated for use in high-speed diesel engines operating in severe-service marine applications. They are especially suitable for tugboats and fishing ...
Mobilgard™ HSD 15W-40 engine oil is designed to provide outstanding performance in the most severe-service marine applications of modern, high-speed diesel engines.Outstanding thermal and oxidation ...
Mobilgard™ HSD 20W-50 high-performance, heavy-duty engine oil provides proven protection to diesel engines operating in severe applications, helping to:  Control sludge buildup and ...